Legend of the Skystone


__Several days since the first quake, things have gotten worse in Icaria. The tremors have increased both in size and intensity and martial law has been declared. The wharf has been blockaded by the First Citizen’s troops and there is rioting in the markets and slums.

One day, upon returning to their HQ, Fraus, Gamil, and Jack were astonished to find a small imp sitting in their foyer. Jack recognized the imp, who he affectionately calls Ploof, as his father’s familiar. The imp, truly named Sebastian, warned the adventurers that the first citizen had attacked the Wizards’ Conclave and had somehow obtained the help of the Archmage, Azul. With the help of her mighty spells, the wizards were fighting A losing battle and needed help.

Another knock on the door and Abdul enters looking worn out and haggerd. He says that the structural damage to the slums is becoming worse. He is worried that that whole chunk of the city may detach entirely and likely kill anyone left there. However, after hearing what Sebastian had to say Abdul puts forward his opinion that the adventurous trio would be better suited to infiltrate the palace and resolve the situation with the Archmage. If anyone can save the city now, it would be the Conclave wizards or the Archmage herself.

The way to the palace was eerily quiet and clear. Save for the occasional tremor they met no complications. The gates were unguarded but a great fury of sounds and sight were coming from the direction of the Conclave. A sudden large tremor split the earth between them and the palace itself and several horrible monsters crawled out from below. Each had long claws where their hands should be and their skin had taken on a mottled purple look, but it is clear that they used to be humanoid.

With relative ease these beasts were disposed of and the trio advanced to the heavy metal doors which were barred from within. Unable to think of another solution, they attempted to enter in through a small second story window. After MacGyvering their way up there, Sebastian left them after one too many insults from Jack Danger. Unfortunately, the imp was their only guide and the party was forced to wander the winding halls for a great amount of time.

Danger, however, found them. With almost no time to react a group of patrolling guards rounded the corner ahead of the party. Fraus and Gamil were quick to hide, but Jack stood dumbfounded in the middle of the hallway. The head guard, a man of impossible size and strength, subdued and captured Jack. His two men led him down a secret passage behind a tapestry as Jack’s companions attacked, but it was too little too late. Jack was gone and the remaining guards were too strong. Gamil was knocked unconscious and Fraus had no choice but to flee and hide. After some time had passed she returned to the scene and, after several minutes of trying, discovered the mechanism to open the secret passage.

Stairs led down deep under the palace, eventually coming to a room where the head guard sat at a desk filling out paperwork. With a carefully aimed shot with a poisoned arrow, Fraus landed a debilitating blow to his groin. The poison caused him to pass out as he bled out. Taking his keys, Fraus continued down to where hundreds on jail cells where. Two of them were occupied by her companions, but others were filled with political prisoners. Many had been there for years, but one Lord Farthingale offered to take them to the throne room as long as they promised to kill Antonio Guaraldi, the First Citizen.

The throne room doors were massive. The hall inside was flanked by ancient obsidian statues of ancient Dust Lords. And at the head sat the First Citizen. The man was aged beyond his years. Beside him stood the evil Baron de Polo. Guaraldi was less than pleased to see the intruders. Jack Danger responded with an unstable fireball that immolated the old man while he still sat on the throne. De Polo, however, blocked the effects with a quartz tablet. He then used the same device to summon Azul. The Archmage was bound by eldrich chains and surrounded by a summoning circle. De Polo disappeared behind the throne as he ordered Azul to kill them.

Azul then summoned eight shadows, one each from the obsidian statues. They attacked and began to drain the strength from the trio. Gamil and Jack were surrounded. The sorcerer fell to the ground as a withered husk, but the other two were able to break the summoning circle that bound Azul. As soon as she had control again, she banished the shadows and warned Fraus and Gamil that de Polo had to be stopped. He was not of this world and was the sole person responsible for the destruction of the city.

The pair followed de Polo down a trap door behind the throne and found him in a strange room filled with unusual and alien artifacts. De Polo himself was frantically putting things into a large extra dimensional trunk. Upon seeing them he pulled out an odd piece of bent metal with a trigger and pointed it at them. Warning them to back off he squeezed the trigger, an explosive sound filled the room, and a statue next to Fraus exploded. They charged at him, Fraus taking a blast from the strange device in the shoulder, but before they could get a solid hit on him, De Polo twisted a dial on one of his crystal rings and vanished. Fraus obtained a curious silver ring from his trunk, but otherwise they found nothing they could place any value on. Exiting the palace, they made their way towards the conclave.

The Wizard Vell was there to meet them, but was dismayed at the loss of his son. Nevertheless, he led them down to a massive device surrounded by other wizards in a trancelike state. A quick explanation revealed that the lifeforce of the wizards was the only thing keeping the city from completely falling out of the sky. As he spoke, one of the wizards collapsed and the city lurched and began to roll. Vell assumed the dead man’s position and the city stabilized, although it was still descending. Gamil joined the wizards and added his lifeforce to the effort, slowly draining as he controlled the city’s descent. Fraus returned to the surface to begin looking for others to help. However, once they reached the chamber and realized their lives may end they began to panic. Fraus attacked them in a n effort to force them, but it was too late.

The large chunk of rock that was the city descended through a layer of noxious brown clouds. The sun took on an unusual black shine as it burned hotter than ever. If they had looked down, people would have seen them pass over several cities, but mostly it was just sand and baked earth. Their course sent them out into a desolate area . The impact sent ripples out through the silt as if it were water. But there was no water here., And worse yet, the water-producing alter that filled Icaria’s canals was damaged. A critical part was missing. The survivors of the crash had found themselves stranded in the Silt Sea of Athas, and just like everyone else there was soon to be not enough water.



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