Legend of the Skystone

Episode 3: Revenge of the Slimes (jk, not rly)

Two weeks after the last adventure in the Tomb of the Dust Lord, the party members were checking out their newly commissioned HQ. Located in a central area within the Market district, the rebuilt house sports three levels, a receptionist’s desk, and all the amenities that a company of adventurers could want.

Fraus left to go explore the city and continue to better learn the streets. No sooner than she had left, a finely-dressed nobleman strode in through the door. His hands were bedecked by ten crystal rings , and he introduced himself as Baron de Polo. He sat himself at the desk and explained that a court wizard has gone missing while searching the Thaumaturge’s island for a new power source. Jack quickly accepted the task.

No sooner than he had left, and before Jack could explain to Gamil, a more familiar figure entered through the door. Abdul complimented the new building and asked who that man was. Before any other explanations were made, Jack steered Abdul back out the door. Although this raised Abdul’s suspicions, he realized that he may not have come at the most opportune moment.

Gamil and Jack set off on their only lead, the Thaumaturge’s island. Klugo, the dwarven boatman ferried them across where the two were noticed by some friendly looters. Rodrik, the leader of this small band, was convinced to help find the wizard where he was last seen at the tower. The tower, unfortunately, was guarded by a small army of automatons who barred the entrance. Someone had apparently come and left with an object or objects of great power.


(Shenanigans fooling the looters to engage a suicide mission rescinded due to alignment lawyers)

On the boat back to the city, Klugo had a thought that if the wizard was working for the First Citizen he might have been picked up by Enrico Garibaldi’s men. The gang leader styles himself as a hero of the people and leads ruthless attacks against the First Citizen’s power.

Upon reaching Garibaldi’s compound, Gamil and Jack were stopped by the gate guards. After several moments of bartering, fighting, and unfortunate bad rolling, the two adventurers were considering tactical surrender. Jack agreed to be taken prisoner after concealing his magical foci. He was led up to the fourth floor and left in a prison cell while the guard conferred with Garibaldi.

In these moments Jack realized that the man in the cell to his left was the wizard they sought. Beyond that, he even suspected that the wizard was in fact his own father. Before confirming this, however, the guard returned to take Jack upstairs.

The gang leader questioned Jack as to his intentions and why he seeks to rescue a servant of the First Citizen. After finding the sorcerer’s answers unsatisfying and insulting, Jack was sent back to his cell. Even a false claim that he was under orders from the Golden Dragons did not garner any favor in this situation. However, just before he was locked back up, Jack sent the guard into a crazy frenzy, took his weakened father from the cell, and made his way down the tower disguised as a guard.

Leaving whatever mysterious power source behind, Jack conned his way past the people in the tower, but upon entering the compound grounds realized that the con was up. Garibaldi called down from the top of the tower that the two men were escaping and must be stopped. With their back against a closed gate and a ring of enemies around them, things looked grim for the magical duo.

Gamil, however, was left outside the gates and had been speaking with the guards and building up a rapport as a fellow warrior and local hero. When the alarm call went out, Gamil needed a way inside to aid his companion. He convinced the guards to open the gates and join the fight inside, thus allowing the still-disguised Jack Danger an opportunity to slip out.

It was at this moment that Fraus reappeared. She warned that dozens of Garibaldi’s men were converging on them and they needed to get out of there. It wasn’t long before they were all split up running through the winding streets looking for the safe house de Polo had indicated.

The pursuing gang members succeeded in catching up with and cornering Jack and his father. However, the pair made short work of the gang along with the help of Fraus. The adventurers made it back to the safe house to assess the situation.

By morning, de Polo had appeared looking for results. When he saw the wizard with no sign of the power source, the Baron was less than pleased. The weakened mage was struck with the Baron’s ring-bedecked hand, and the noble stormed out demanding that the wizard re-capture what he lost.

Before leaving back for the Palace, the wizard described what he had seen on the Thaumaturge’s isle. Inside the tower he had come across some huge infernal machine that filled the entirety of a large room. Unable to transport the huge machine, the wizard chose to bring it’s fuel source. He loaded 14 large barrels of foul-smelling liquid into a portable hole. However, his attempt to flee was harried by the automatons. Close to being overwhelmed, he had to flee the island. In his weakened state, he was recognized and captured by Garibaldi’s men and was imprisoned for almost two weeks.

Jack’s father then left to return to the palace. Not more than five minutes later the adventurers began to feel an odd sensation. A nigh-imperceptible shaking beyond that of any normal turbulence. It slowly grew to a tremor, and then an all-out quake. all this was followed by what felt like the floor falling away for a moment. The city stabilized, but many buildings were damaged. The party emerged from the safe house just in time to see the building in Garibaldi’s compound collapse down to the ground.




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