Legend of the Skystone

Digging Deeper pt. 2

The adventure in the Dust Lord’s tomb picked up where it had been left off.The party stood around the opened sarcophagus as Jack and Fraus climb back out. Upon exiting the subterranean garden, they realized they were not alone. The guard captain and several other men had apparently descended after them. Fred recognized the captain. It was his girlfriend, Fiore, who worked directly under Salvador Eccli.

Fred convinced the party that he could go down to her and try to work out some kind of deal. Fiore, however, was not having any of it. She had direct orders from Eccli himself to recover the artifacts and kill whoever was responsible for the deception.

In the resulting melee several party members were grievously wounded, but in the end Fiore, Fred, and the other guards were slain. All but one of the guards were even cast into the chasm that split the chamber. After a long rest and recuperation the adventurers were able to continue on and explore the catacombs.

The remainder of the adventure consisted of combating clockwork contraptions, slaying super-spiders, and becoming lost in a dimension-shifting labyrinth. There were several more treasures to be had, but after a while the party had found their way back up to the surface and made it back to the Rusty Nail by dawn.


In addition to the normal reward of one chest, the adventurers were also offered membership in the Golden Dragons, the group that Abdul works for. Maria herself offered them the golden dragon coins that mark their membership.

With thoughts of potentially establishing their own headquarters and coming adventurers, the party accepted the coins and membership into the Golden Dragons



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