Legend of the Skystone


__Several days since the first quake, things have gotten worse in Icaria. The tremors have increased both in size and intensity and martial law has been declared. The wharf has been blockaded by the First Citizen’s troops and there is rioting in the markets and slums.

One day, upon returning to their HQ, Fraus, Gamil, and Jack were astonished to find a small imp sitting in their foyer. Jack recognized the imp, who he affectionately calls Ploof, as his father’s familiar. The imp, truly named Sebastian, warned the adventurers that the first citizen had attacked the Wizards’ Conclave and had somehow obtained the help of the Archmage, Azul. With the help of her mighty spells, the wizards were fighting A losing battle and needed help.

Another knock on the door and Abdul enters looking worn out and haggerd. He says that the structural damage to the slums is becoming worse. He is worried that that whole chunk of the city may detach entirely and likely kill anyone left there. However, after hearing what Sebastian had to say Abdul puts forward his opinion that the adventurous trio would be better suited to infiltrate the palace and resolve the situation with the Archmage. If anyone can save the city now, it would be the Conclave wizards or the Archmage herself.

The way to the palace was eerily quiet and clear. Save for the occasional tremor they met no complications. The gates were unguarded but a great fury of sounds and sight were coming from the direction of the Conclave. A sudden large tremor split the earth between them and the palace itself and several horrible monsters crawled out from below. Each had long claws where their hands should be and their skin had taken on a mottled purple look, but it is clear that they used to be humanoid.

With relative ease these beasts were disposed of and the trio advanced to the heavy metal doors which were barred from within. Unable to think of another solution, they attempted to enter in through a small second story window. After MacGyvering their way up there, Sebastian left them after one too many insults from Jack Danger. Unfortunately, the imp was their only guide and the party was forced to wander the winding halls for a great amount of time.

Danger, however, found them. With almost no time to react a group of patrolling guards rounded the corner ahead of the party. Fraus and Gamil were quick to hide, but Jack stood dumbfounded in the middle of the hallway. The head guard, a man of impossible size and strength, subdued and captured Jack. His two men led him down a secret passage behind a tapestry as Jack’s companions attacked, but it was too little too late. Jack was gone and the remaining guards were too strong. Gamil was knocked unconscious and Fraus had no choice but to flee and hide. After some time had passed she returned to the scene and, after several minutes of trying, discovered the mechanism to open the secret passage.

Stairs led down deep under the palace, eventually coming to a room where the head guard sat at a desk filling out paperwork. With a carefully aimed shot with a poisoned arrow, Fraus landed a debilitating blow to his groin. The poison caused him to pass out as he bled out. Taking his keys, Fraus continued down to where hundreds on jail cells where. Two of them were occupied by her companions, but others were filled with political prisoners. Many had been there for years, but one Lord Farthingale offered to take them to the throne room as long as they promised to kill Antonio Guaraldi, the First Citizen.

The throne room doors were massive. The hall inside was flanked by ancient obsidian statues of ancient Dust Lords. And at the head sat the First Citizen. The man was aged beyond his years. Beside him stood the evil Baron de Polo. Guaraldi was less than pleased to see the intruders. Jack Danger responded with an unstable fireball that immolated the old man while he still sat on the throne. De Polo, however, blocked the effects with a quartz tablet. He then used the same device to summon Azul. The Archmage was bound by eldrich chains and surrounded by a summoning circle. De Polo disappeared behind the throne as he ordered Azul to kill them.

Azul then summoned eight shadows, one each from the obsidian statues. They attacked and began to drain the strength from the trio. Gamil and Jack were surrounded. The sorcerer fell to the ground as a withered husk, but the other two were able to break the summoning circle that bound Azul. As soon as she had control again, she banished the shadows and warned Fraus and Gamil that de Polo had to be stopped. He was not of this world and was the sole person responsible for the destruction of the city.

The pair followed de Polo down a trap door behind the throne and found him in a strange room filled with unusual and alien artifacts. De Polo himself was frantically putting things into a large extra dimensional trunk. Upon seeing them he pulled out an odd piece of bent metal with a trigger and pointed it at them. Warning them to back off he squeezed the trigger, an explosive sound filled the room, and a statue next to Fraus exploded. They charged at him, Fraus taking a blast from the strange device in the shoulder, but before they could get a solid hit on him, De Polo twisted a dial on one of his crystal rings and vanished. Fraus obtained a curious silver ring from his trunk, but otherwise they found nothing they could place any value on. Exiting the palace, they made their way towards the conclave.

The Wizard Vell was there to meet them, but was dismayed at the loss of his son. Nevertheless, he led them down to a massive device surrounded by other wizards in a trancelike state. A quick explanation revealed that the lifeforce of the wizards was the only thing keeping the city from completely falling out of the sky. As he spoke, one of the wizards collapsed and the city lurched and began to roll. Vell assumed the dead man’s position and the city stabilized, although it was still descending. Gamil joined the wizards and added his lifeforce to the effort, slowly draining as he controlled the city’s descent. Fraus returned to the surface to begin looking for others to help. However, once they reached the chamber and realized their lives may end they began to panic. Fraus attacked them in a n effort to force them, but it was too late.

The large chunk of rock that was the city descended through a layer of noxious brown clouds. The sun took on an unusual black shine as it burned hotter than ever. If they had looked down, people would have seen them pass over several cities, but mostly it was just sand and baked earth. Their course sent them out into a desolate area . The impact sent ripples out through the silt as if it were water. But there was no water here., And worse yet, the water-producing alter that filled Icaria’s canals was damaged. A critical part was missing. The survivors of the crash had found themselves stranded in the Silt Sea of Athas, and just like everyone else there was soon to be not enough water.


This week’s adventure had a different focus to it. Instead of following the three heroic characters, Jack, Fraus, and Gamil, this story was about three commoners who found themselves in Enrico Garibaldi’s tower at the time of the first great tremor. Rail Maihd, Sweet Pea, and Jeremy Riddle awoke in a small. dark room filled with rubble. There was, however, a body. The man was clearly dead, but he had several small sun-rods in his pocket. Upon lighting one, the trio saw that the room’s only entrance was blocked and would need to be cleared. Also, a large metal barrel was dripping an unrecognizable violet fluid on the dead man. Sweetpea, out of curiosity, touched the fluid but immediately pulled away as it felt like it was burning her now-stained finger.

The trio spent some time clearing the doorway enough to crawl through and re-sealed it. They had stumbled into a slightly larger room filled with mangled remains and the sound of a young girl crying. The girl, named Celeste, was small and dirty. She said that she was here looking for something important, something called a ‘controller room.’ She indicated a trapdoor leading down as the way to go. There wasn’t much time to deliberate as the room began to shake once more. Rubble began to fall as they fled for the door. A large stone fell on Rail’s hand, and Sweet Pea twisted her ankle as she ran.

Celeste urged them to move on and produced a small, magical blue light which hovered around her. After the sound of falling stone ceased, a rabid scratching noise replaced it. This was all the convincing needed. The group moved as fast as they could down the tunnel until they got to a chamber with the sound of running water. The room was separated by a small river spanned by a rotting wooden rope bridge. Pausing to take in the surroundings, the sound of pursuit was heard. At the edge of the bridge, they turned and saw to blowing purple orbs. Eyes. Sweet Pea took no time to think and dove straight into the river, quickly being swept away. Rail took off across the bridge, but the beast was upon them before Jeremy could cross. The creature, now in better view, was a deformed and bestial form that used to be the dead man from earlier. Its long claws latched into Jeremy’s shoulder, and it took all his strength to throw it off. It fell off onto the near side of the bridge as the ropes snapped. Jeremy hauled himself up just in time to see Celeste fall unconscious. The blue light quickly extinguished, but not before the two men looked back to see several more pairs of eyes join those of the creature that had attacked them.


Sweet Pea struggled to keep her head above the water. The river twisted and turned at great speed through the passageways. Just before going under for the last time, the water surged downward and over a ledge. The water passed down through a grate, but Sweet Pea did not. She landed poorly on her bad ankle and passed out from the sudden shock of pain.

Meanwhile, Rail and Jeremy continued down the passage with Celeste in tow, knowing that their pursuers couldn’t be far behind. The cave-like gave way to a constructed tunnel and eventually into a cubic stone room. The floor contained a indent large enough to fit one person. The opposite wall, where a door looked like it should have been, was sealed with a stone panel. After making contact with this panel, the door behind them slid shut from above. At the same time, the ceiling began to drop slowly. Realizing they only had seconds left, they quickly decided that Jeremy should should lay in the indent with Celeste and hope for escape. The ceiling however, halted just two feet above above the floor. Both stone door panels slid open. In front of them: blackness. Behind them: seven pairs of glowing violet eyes. The two men struggled to escape the room ahead of the beasts. Jeremy escaped with Celeste in tow and took off down the tunnel. Rail, however, couldn’t make it. His screams followed Jeremy down the dark corridor as Rail attempted to slow down the pursuers for as long as possible.

As Jeremy ran, the flagstones eventually gave way to metal grate and the sound of rushing water became very loud. In the darkness, however, he tripped over a prone figure. This shock snapped Sweetpea back to consciousness. The two heard the sound of the creatures moving after them, and continued on as fast as they could. Without realizing it, the purple stain had spread over much of Sweetpea’s hand, which had begin to take on a mottled appearance.

Rounding a corner, the two beheld two massive bronze doors pulsing with some internal light. Celeste, suddenly awake, ran to them and slid between the doors. The pair followed and closed the door behind them. The room was huge, both tall and bottomless the walls curved around while four walkways extended to a platform suspended in the center of the room where Celeste lay prone, the small blue light hovering above her. A slight tremor shook the cyclopean room.

Before their eyes, the blue light passed into one of the machines adorning the platform. Blue lines of light and energy flowed from the machine to all corners of the room. Soon the room was filled with an azure glow. Seeing that the walkways all led to matching sets of bronze doors, the pair began looking for a way out, almost missing the fact that a human form had begun to materialize from thin air behind them on the platform. The figure was that of a woman, tall and beautiful with almost elf-like features. Her skin, and all things about her had a blue tint to them.

Upon gaining her corporeal state, the figure explained that she was a manifestation of Azul, the archmage of the island. She needed to get to this control room, the heart of the city, to determine the cause of these quakes that had begun to destroy everything. She determined that the Great Engine’s fuel had been stolen. In addition to powering the devices that keep the city aloft, the compound was also incredibly dangerous to humanoids, as shown by the creatures that had been pursuing them. Azul then said that she needed help. She asked them to take her to the Conclave, the mages of the island that work from and for the palace in the hopes that their wisdom will allow them to temporarily put aside their loyalty to the First Citizen in order to save the city. Even as she spoke the room began to shake again. Her material form began to dissipate as she transferred to a quartz tablet. By the time she finished, the shaking had become quite violent. Behind them, the bronze doors they had come through fell from their hinges and a whole score of the creatures came surging through them.

Going as fast as they could, the duo made their exit the way Azul had indicated. By this time, the mottled purple stain had spread over much of Sweetpea’s body. They turned a corner and saw a metal box supported by two struts and with a metal cable latched to the top, this was the way out, but Sweetpea was beginning to hear voices. A cool, and sly voice encouraged her to kill, and to relish in it. In a last moment of willpower she pushed Jeremy into the box and sent him speeding upwards. She turned around towards the beasts and ripped out her own throat with her newly-formed claws.

The metal box deposited Jeremy higher up in the cavern system. Feeling his way through the darkness he found his way back to the surface. As his eyes readjusted to the light he made out the devastation wrought by the quakes. Hugging the tablet to his chest, he stumbled around the rubble that used to be people’s homes in the slums. Eventually he locked eyes with a nobleman who had apparently come from the palace to offer aid to the refugees. The nobleman, who had seen the tablet, walked over with his guards as the light played on his set of crystal rings.

The nobleman asked if Jeremy was hurt at all, and then asked how he had come by the quartz tablet. All Jeremy could say was that he needed to deliver it to the Conclave at the palace. Only the wizards there would know what to do with it. The nobleman looked pleased and offered to personally escort him back to the palace. Jeremy accepted and the two men left the scene of destruction with the full escort of guards.

Episode 3: Revenge of the Slimes (jk, not rly)

Two weeks after the last adventure in the Tomb of the Dust Lord, the party members were checking out their newly commissioned HQ. Located in a central area within the Market district, the rebuilt house sports three levels, a receptionist’s desk, and all the amenities that a company of adventurers could want.

Fraus left to go explore the city and continue to better learn the streets. No sooner than she had left, a finely-dressed nobleman strode in through the door. His hands were bedecked by ten crystal rings , and he introduced himself as Baron de Polo. He sat himself at the desk and explained that a court wizard has gone missing while searching the Thaumaturge’s island for a new power source. Jack quickly accepted the task.

No sooner than he had left, and before Jack could explain to Gamil, a more familiar figure entered through the door. Abdul complimented the new building and asked who that man was. Before any other explanations were made, Jack steered Abdul back out the door. Although this raised Abdul’s suspicions, he realized that he may not have come at the most opportune moment.

Gamil and Jack set off on their only lead, the Thaumaturge’s island. Klugo, the dwarven boatman ferried them across where the two were noticed by some friendly looters. Rodrik, the leader of this small band, was convinced to help find the wizard where he was last seen at the tower. The tower, unfortunately, was guarded by a small army of automatons who barred the entrance. Someone had apparently come and left with an object or objects of great power.


(Shenanigans fooling the looters to engage a suicide mission rescinded due to alignment lawyers)

On the boat back to the city, Klugo had a thought that if the wizard was working for the First Citizen he might have been picked up by Enrico Garibaldi’s men. The gang leader styles himself as a hero of the people and leads ruthless attacks against the First Citizen’s power.

Upon reaching Garibaldi’s compound, Gamil and Jack were stopped by the gate guards. After several moments of bartering, fighting, and unfortunate bad rolling, the two adventurers were considering tactical surrender. Jack agreed to be taken prisoner after concealing his magical foci. He was led up to the fourth floor and left in a prison cell while the guard conferred with Garibaldi.

In these moments Jack realized that the man in the cell to his left was the wizard they sought. Beyond that, he even suspected that the wizard was in fact his own father. Before confirming this, however, the guard returned to take Jack upstairs.

The gang leader questioned Jack as to his intentions and why he seeks to rescue a servant of the First Citizen. After finding the sorcerer’s answers unsatisfying and insulting, Jack was sent back to his cell. Even a false claim that he was under orders from the Golden Dragons did not garner any favor in this situation. However, just before he was locked back up, Jack sent the guard into a crazy frenzy, took his weakened father from the cell, and made his way down the tower disguised as a guard.

Leaving whatever mysterious power source behind, Jack conned his way past the people in the tower, but upon entering the compound grounds realized that the con was up. Garibaldi called down from the top of the tower that the two men were escaping and must be stopped. With their back against a closed gate and a ring of enemies around them, things looked grim for the magical duo.

Gamil, however, was left outside the gates and had been speaking with the guards and building up a rapport as a fellow warrior and local hero. When the alarm call went out, Gamil needed a way inside to aid his companion. He convinced the guards to open the gates and join the fight inside, thus allowing the still-disguised Jack Danger an opportunity to slip out.

It was at this moment that Fraus reappeared. She warned that dozens of Garibaldi’s men were converging on them and they needed to get out of there. It wasn’t long before they were all split up running through the winding streets looking for the safe house de Polo had indicated.

The pursuing gang members succeeded in catching up with and cornering Jack and his father. However, the pair made short work of the gang along with the help of Fraus. The adventurers made it back to the safe house to assess the situation.

By morning, de Polo had appeared looking for results. When he saw the wizard with no sign of the power source, the Baron was less than pleased. The weakened mage was struck with the Baron’s ring-bedecked hand, and the noble stormed out demanding that the wizard re-capture what he lost.

Before leaving back for the Palace, the wizard described what he had seen on the Thaumaturge’s isle. Inside the tower he had come across some huge infernal machine that filled the entirety of a large room. Unable to transport the huge machine, the wizard chose to bring it’s fuel source. He loaded 14 large barrels of foul-smelling liquid into a portable hole. However, his attempt to flee was harried by the automatons. Close to being overwhelmed, he had to flee the island. In his weakened state, he was recognized and captured by Garibaldi’s men and was imprisoned for almost two weeks.

Jack’s father then left to return to the palace. Not more than five minutes later the adventurers began to feel an odd sensation. A nigh-imperceptible shaking beyond that of any normal turbulence. It slowly grew to a tremor, and then an all-out quake. all this was followed by what felt like the floor falling away for a moment. The city stabilized, but many buildings were damaged. The party emerged from the safe house just in time to see the building in Garibaldi’s compound collapse down to the ground.


Digging Deeper pt. 2

The adventure in the Dust Lord’s tomb picked up where it had been left off.The party stood around the opened sarcophagus as Jack and Fraus climb back out. Upon exiting the subterranean garden, they realized they were not alone. The guard captain and several other men had apparently descended after them. Fred recognized the captain. It was his girlfriend, Fiore, who worked directly under Salvador Eccli.

Fred convinced the party that he could go down to her and try to work out some kind of deal. Fiore, however, was not having any of it. She had direct orders from Eccli himself to recover the artifacts and kill whoever was responsible for the deception.

In the resulting melee several party members were grievously wounded, but in the end Fiore, Fred, and the other guards were slain. All but one of the guards were even cast into the chasm that split the chamber. After a long rest and recuperation the adventurers were able to continue on and explore the catacombs.

The remainder of the adventure consisted of combating clockwork contraptions, slaying super-spiders, and becoming lost in a dimension-shifting labyrinth. There were several more treasures to be had, but after a while the party had found their way back up to the surface and made it back to the Rusty Nail by dawn.


In addition to the normal reward of one chest, the adventurers were also offered membership in the Golden Dragons, the group that Abdul works for. Maria herself offered them the golden dragon coins that mark their membership.

With thoughts of potentially establishing their own headquarters and coming adventurers, the party accepted the coins and membership into the Golden Dragons

Digging Deeper

Since the close of the last adventure the various members of the newly-formed party parted ways for a week. Fraus, ever seeking to increase her understanding and chances of survival spent her time training her mouse and studying the Chronicle of Ker, a journal that she has determined belonged to an explorer, writer, and philosopher that dates back to before the rise of the current regime. Gamil, ever concerned with the favor of his goddess, Dol Arrah, spent his time in deep contemplation and prayer in an attempt to foster his sacred connection to the Bright Goddess. Jack, ever the entrepreneur, sought to sell or exchange the strange rod he had acquired during their previous adventure. Upon meeting a reliable enough-fence he exchanged the warlock’s implement for a small crystal sphere marketed as an “Orb of Truth” that can offer limited advice.


At the end of the week, however, the party members once again met up at the Rusty Nail tavern and inquired for Abdul, the man who they agreed to recover the Andorran Spellbook from. This time they found him not in the common room of the tavern, but rather down beneath in an office having a heated discussion with a handsome woman concerning the recent actions of Salvador Eccli, the Merchant Prince.

Abdul explained further that Eccli has perhaps found a tomb of one of the ancient Dust Lords, the people who ruled Icaria as it rose from the earth but were all killed by Azul for their wicked ways. Abdul and his boss, the woman in the office, believe that there are two powerful artifacts sealed in the tomb that would be very dangerous for the Merchant Prince to own. Because the need is dire and this group of adventurers was available, Abdul offered them the job.

After determining the location of Eccli’s excavation, the group settled in on a plan to infiltrate the operation. Gamil, roughly the same stature as Eccli himself, would use the recently obtained Hat of Disguise to impersonate the Merchant Prince and order the current guards and workers to another place. Gamil was nervous as he approached the captain of the guard, but the ruse was a great success. They were alone at the excavation site, or so they thought. One guard who was sleeping on his watch suddenly snaps to attention. This is Fred. Gamil continues to impersonate Salvador and orders the guard to dig, but must force his companions to do the same to maintain the illusion, or at least that’s what he told them.

After an hour of digging, Fred broke though into the tomb. The party descends into the cavernous system of tunnels and Jack immediately consults the orb of truth, which directs them to the east as the most profitable direction.

The party explored several various options of routes, discovered an unusual emerald-engraved bronze coin, and decided that the best path forward was by experimenting with blood sacrifice. Fred agreed to bleed, but had to bleed three times before all of the magical barriers were removed. They found a large chamber split by a chasm. Much shenanigans were had trying to cross the twenty foot gap. After crossing, the party came to a subterranean garden filled with Living Vine, a favorite pet of the Dust Lords. Luckily Fraus realized that the emerald and bronze coin was a control implement and bid the wicked vines to retreat.

The sepulcher lay beyond, a marble sarcophagus with water cascading down the walls into small silver pools. The lid was removed to reveal the emaciated body of the ancient Dust Lord still gripping his ancient staff and the amulet around his neck. These were the two things Abdul had sent them down there for. Jack, however, grabbed the staff and was flung into the sarcophagus by an unseen force. The marble box had a false bottom which he, the corpse, and all the artifacts fell through to reveal a small room with strange copper machinery along the far wall.

In the faint blue glow of the machines, Jack attempted to discern its purpose. An uncomfortable feeling washed over him and Jack felt that he was being watched. Turning, he found that he was correct. A translucent blue figure floated inches from his face. Feminine in appearance, the manifestation told Jack that his father was looking for him and that it was very important that they should speak. At that she vanished.

Though they found what they were sent for, much of the cavern remains unexplored. They will have to decide whether to cut their expenses and leave or to explore the tomb further to find what other treasures may have been hidden by the ancient kings.

The First Job

Tl;dr The party escaped from prison and were offered a job by their cell-mate, Abdul. They ventured to recover a magical scroll guarded by a shapeless horror on the Thaumaturge’s island. After succeeding in this task and acquiring the scroll for an old, hooded man, they were rewarded as promised and made a lasting friend in Abdul.


Prison. Not very many people have a burning desire to end up here, but it was precisely where four people found themselves early one morning. Some had been there for a relatively short amount of time while others had been there for days. Fraus, a furtive halfling, Jack, a flamboyant human, Gamil, a noble dwarf, and Abdul, a silent Easterner were all strangers to each other in a small cell. That is until Abdul spoke for the first time to say “I can offer you all a job if you can break out of this cell.”

Fraus was the first to leap into action at the chance of another fresh start. She tasked her mouse, Ronald, with finding a serviceable lockpick. This failing, she feigned a medical emergency that drew the attention of Clive, a clerk in the prison. She lifted the true keys off his belt as Jack succeeded in conjuring a false key. The iron bars swung forward and the fight was on.

The guards were quickly dispatched as Abdul sat in the cell. Daggers were thrown, fists were flailing, and heads were popping like balloons. When the dust settled, three guards lay unconscious and one more lacked a head. Abdul, impressed with the handiwork, requested that they meet him at a tavern later that evening to discuss their new job.

As dusk fell that same day, the adventurers had traveled to the other side of the city. In the slums they found the aforementioned tavern: The Rusty Nail. The common room was filled to bursting; the only people not singing and drinking were two men off in the corner. Abdul waited there across from an old, hooded man with whom he spoke of those he met earlier that day. When the adventurers approached he greeted them as friends and discussed some of the details of the job.

Abdul works for an organization that helps to acquire various artifacts for those who can pay well for them. The old man across from Abdul desired The Andorran Spellbook, a sentient object that contained cryptic knowledge. It was held in an archive across the canal on the Thaumaturge’s Island. Generally unphased with the dangerous nature of the mission, the adventurer’s hope for the promised treasure was enough to convince them. Abdul gave the location of the archive and recommended that they inquire for the services of a certain Dwarven boatman to ferry them across the eel-infested waters.

The adventurers walked to the edge of the market shore and there found the very man they were looking for: Klugo the Dwarf. With a peg leg, an eel-tooth necklace, and an eye patch, Klugo rambled on about the dangers of the water: strong currents that could pull a boat over the island’s side and the killer eels, specifically a Great White Eel which he seems to be obsessed with finding and killing. At the price of five gold pieces a head, however, he agreed them passage to and from the island.

From the stony dock where Klugo left them, the adventurers climbed to the top of the island to survey the situation. Upon determining the Archive’s location they noticed that there were people down there, likely looters looking for anything valuable enough to scavenge and sell. Using stealth to her advantage, Fraus ascertained that the looters were likely not to be hostile, and the adventurers approached them.

According to the looters, a nameless and formless terror lurked inside the Archive and killed half of their scavenging party. Some were even sealed behind the heavy stone doors to ensure the beast could not escape. The doors were barricaded, and the remaining looters were preparing to move off to a larger camp just as the adventurers came by. They left with a warning not to explore the archive but also left a crude map drawn from memory should the man, dwarf, and halfling choose to explore.

The entry hall was small and contained two large metal plate that apparently served as lever-operated doors. Behind the doors, to their disgust, the adventurers found the mutilated remains of several looters. Luckily for all of the living people, Gamil’s sense for evil undead things went off just in time to shut the doors, allowing the party several moments to consider their approach as the bodies began to reanimate.

The adventurers cleared the majority of the ruins of the undead and discovered many more levers and rooms. Their first great challenge came in the form of an undead behemoth dressed in the tattered finery of the Tragic Millennium. After the party dealt huge amounts of damage to it, the behemoth isolated small Fraus and flung her across the room. After felling the large being, the group revived Fraus and discovered a chest filled with useful potions.

The time had finally come to assess the threat in the last unexplored section of the Archive. Behind three enchanted portcullises lay a pool of shimmering metallic liquid assumed to the be formless terror that murdered the looters. Above it on a plinth sat a scoll: The Andorran Spellbook.


Fraus hid from sight as the portcullises were raised via lever. While Jack and Gamil tried to lure the beast, who had assumed the form of a ghoul, Fraus slipped behind in an attempt to burgle the scroll. The boys hid behind the metal plate doors as the guardian attempted to breach the thick door. Unfortunately for Fraus, the sentient scroll desired to remain right where it was and succeeded in being very hard to get a grip on. After several attempts she finally grasped the scroll and plunged it into her pack where it continued to writhe in an attempt to escape. Simultaneously the guardian succeeded in cracking the metal and flowed right though to attack Gamil and Jack. It was at this moment that Gamil raised his shovel, blessed by Dol Arrah, to defend himself and realized that it was blessed to help slay slimes, oozes, and all things gelatinous. Between the blessed shovel and Jack’s frost magic, the group was able to delay the guardian long enough to back out the front doors and seal them shut.

The adventurers deliberated whether or not they truly wanted to deliver the scroll as promised, or if they could potentially hold out for a more lucrative offer elsewhere. It was decided that they should return the scroll to Abdul and the old man to garner their promised reward. Upon returning to the Rusty Nail the old man adeptly snatched the scroll as it attempted to flee back to the Archive. Abdul led the adventurers into the basement to a large room filled with many chests saying that they could choose any one of them and its contents as a reward. The chosen chest contained many valuable gemstones, a hat of disguise, a Rod of the Pact, adamantine scale armor, and a finely crafted shortsword.

After the adventurers divided the reward, Abdul let them know that he would be available should they require any additional income. The work was no more dangerous than what the merchant princes offer, and the rewards seem much more lucrative. Not a one of the party was lost and there was a major net gain overall as well as a valuable friend in Abdul.

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