Icaria is the only home you have ever known

and it is the only home you will ever know. Nobody has been to the tree-line for years, and those who have were only allowed to travel with the express permission of the Serene First Citizen Antonio Guaraldi. The near-empty husk of a city, Icaria has drifted through the skies for centuries, propelled by forgotten magic for a forgotten purpose.

Wherever the city goes, water cascades downward. Water that is supplied by the Church of the Sacred Flame. Powerful merchant princes control much of the traffic to Icaria from the other spread out floating cities. Unscrupulous gang bosses command the disenfranchised inhabitants of the lower city. Deeper down still are ancient catacombs, some of which haven’t been explored since the tragic millennium when the city is said to have risen from the earth.

Legend of the Skystone

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